Survivor to Thriver Online Manual FAQs

General Information
  1. Is this manual the same as the printed or PDF versions?
    The content is the same with the exception of a few minor variations. The online version, due to repurposing for Web use, does not have a one-to-one page correspondence with the printed or PDF versions. Brief explanations have been added where needed for easier use.
  2. Why does this manual use frames?
    The amount of content in the Survivor to Thriver manual appears to be best suited for a frame-based presentation. The left frame contains an easily scanned index of links to all manual pages. The right frame contains the page content accessed via the links in the left frame.

    Note: With numerous operating system/browser version combinations that exist, this is currently the simplest way to allow the greatest number of people to access this online version of the Survivor to Thriver manual.
  3. Are the links in the left frame for every page in the manual?
    Yes they are. The left frame contains an index of links to the content of every page in the Survivor to Thriver manual. They are presented in descending page-by-page order.
  4. Does the Table of Content contain links for every page in the manual?
    No it does not. Table of Content links are for each major section of the manual.
  5. Is the window or frame resizeable?
    Yes, they both are. You may resize the window or move the frame divider to make the index links/content a more comfortable size for reading or scanning.
  6. What if I want a printed version of this manual?
    Because the online manual is presented in frames, using your browser's print function will print the entire window. You may print pages individually using the print link provided with checklists, journal pages etc. or the "Print This Page" link located at the bottom of each page.

    We suggest you download the free PDF version if you wish to more easily print the entire Survivor to Thriver manual. You may also purchase the manual if you do not have the time or resources to print the entire PDF.

    Copyrights and restrictions apply to all versions of the Survivor
    to Thriver manual.

Working the Online Manual
  1. Is there any easy way to work the online manual page by page?
    Yes there is. You can easily move in order through manual pages using the index links in the left frame. The Previous Manual Page and Next Manual Page links at the bottom of each page also allow a user to easily move through the manual in forward or reverse order.

    Note on link color change for tracking pages already viewed:
    Internet Explorer - Links in the left frame will change to purple with an underline after you click on them. Left frame links will remain the same if you use the Previous/Next Manual Page links. Using your browser's "Refresh" button will update all visited links in the left frame.

    Firefox (latest) - All left frame links that are clicked will change to purple with an underline no matter which links are used to view pages.

    All other browsers: You may need to use your browser's "Refresh" button to change all visited links in the left frame to purple and underlined (if you are using the Next Page/Previous Page links).

    Note: The Next/Previous Manual Page links do not use your browser's history. To view pages using your browser's history (i.e. last page actually viewed), click on your browser's "Back" or "Forward" buttons.
  2. Why are forms used in this manual?
    Forms are generally used for checklists and other content that lends itself to an interactive format.
  3. What happens to the information in the forms?
    All information in checklists etc. is lost once you leave the page. No scripting, cookies, or any other method is used to capture, store, or send information entered by users of this online manual.
  4. What if I don't want to fill in an online form?
    A "Print" link is provided at the bottom of all forms. You may simply print the list and then fill it in.
  5. What if I want to save the form information for my own use?
    Print the form after you have entered your answers using the "Print" link at the bottom of the form. Remember, all checkboxes and radio buttons will clear and all information will be lost once you leave the page.
  6. What if I want to bookmark a page?
    Bookmarking a page will always return you to the first page (cover). This is a limitation imposed by frames. We suggest you use your "Refresh" button before you close the online manual. This will change all of the viewed links in the left index frame to purple and underlined. You can reference the index when you return for the last page read/worked.

    Note: The above technique will not work if you clear your browser's history regularly.
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