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In the spaces below, list everyone you can think of whom you can call for support during times of need.











Now take a thoughtful look at your list. Is it adequate for your everyday needs? Can you identify those people you could call for a routine check-in or cup of coffee and those you could rely on in an emergency situation? If you came up with only one or two names in all, then perhaps you need to expand your support system. If the only person you wrote down is your therapist, then consider getting more involved with ASCA or other survivor-oriented activities. Co-workers and fellow students may prove to be valuable allies in your recovery; just remember that, by their nature, work and school settings place more restraints on the type of contact you can have with others. If you have a particular interest, such as a sports activity, you may find kindred souls who can be of help in times of need. And finally, if you attend different ASCA meetings, use the weekly phone list from each meeting to expand your support network.

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