Journal Questions – Emotional Abuse
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  1. Did your parents frequently rant and rave about what a horrible, stupid or ugly child you were?

  2. Did they involve you in some illegal activity?

  3. Did your parents prevent you from having friends?

  4. Did they refuse to take you to the doctor when you were sick (absent religious constraints)?

  5. Would they frequently ignore you by refusing to speak or listen to you?

  6. Were you left alone for extended periods of time before the age of ten?

  7. Did your parents make you stay home from school to take care of brother(s) or sister(s)?

  8. Would they threaten to leave you or kill you if you did not do what they said?

  9. Did they often make disparaging comments about men or women and predict that you would grow up to be just as bad?

  10. Would your parents sabotage your efforts to succeed at school, sports, work or relationships with friends?

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Survivor to Thriver, Page 40
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