What are the Adult Repercussions of Child Abuse
If survivors of child abuse share many common experiences as children, it should be no surprise that they also share many of the long-term effects of child abuse. These problems often have a pervasive impact on all areas of a survivor's life. Following is a discussion of some of the most frequently cited problems experienced by adult survivors, and some journal questions to help you in determining whether each issue is problematic for you. Not everyone shares all the different types of symptoms, nor do all survivors experience the same degree of intensity of the problems. You will have to determine which of the following problems are primary and which are secondary in your life. Recognize what seems to apply to you, make note of it, and leave the rest. Use the journal questions as a framework, and remember that the fact that you experience any (or all) of these problems does not prove that you were abused as a child or that the abuse you suffered is the cause of your current problems. These self-perceptions and problems can stem from a variety of other sources, both internal and external.

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Survivor to Thriver, Page 42
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