Journal Questions – Handling Feelings
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  1. Do you have strong feelings of anxiety, fear, depression and anger that threaten to overwhelm you?

  2. Do you need to withdraw periodically from the world in order to regain control of yourself?

  3. Do you have difficulty recognizing and expressing your feelings?

  4. Do you tend to have an "all or nothing" experience of feelings?

  5. Do powerful feelings trigger the desire to eat, drink, take drugs or engage in other compulsive activities?

  6. Do strong feelings leave you feeling disconnected, numb or afraid that you are going crazy?

  7. Have you learned to disconnect yourself from your feelings by refusing to pay attention to them?

  8. Have you ever lost control of your anger and abused someone else?

  9. Do you often feel confused by what you feel?

  10. Are you inclined to feel a certain feeling more often than others, particularly anger or depression?

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