Step Three Self-Help
  1. Write in your journal about the circumstances or insights that caused you to make a commitment to recovery at this time.
  2. Who, if anyone, has inspired you to get help?
  3. Describe the part of you that is motivated to get help and to make changes.
  4. How do the voices of your internal "naysayers" those parts of you opposed to making such a commitment justify not going forward with recovery? What are the reasons and how do you counter them?
  5. Write an affirmation in your journal about your commitment to recover from child abuse. It can be a poem, a letter to yourself, a statement of your goals or an unsent letter to your parents/abusers. This can become a personal manifesto to which you can return for strength, inspiration and encouragement during the most difficult times of recovery.
  6. If you have not already done so, make a commitment to attend ASCA meetings, or participate in the ASCA online meeting at and any other self-help meetings you feel you may need. Use some of your share time in ASCA meetings to talk about your commitment to your recovery process. You might address what strengthens your commitment, as well as what periodically erodes your commitment to recovery.
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