Chapter Six – Stage Three: Healing

Stage Three recovery asks you to build on the progress you have made in Stages One and Two by incorporating behaviors, skills and attitudes that reflect your newfound psychological health into your current life. No longer primed to respond defensively to the world, you are now enlivened and challenged by life's opportunities: love, work, parenting and play. As a result of integrating positive changes into your personality and practicing new behaviors in your everyday life, you will develop a new confidence in yourself. In this stage, you will learn to take healthy risks that benefit you by paying off in new and positive ways. Stage Three can be a very exciting time because you will finally experience the fruits of your labors as you become comfortable with taking control of your life.

In this stage you will revisit the issue of resolving your abuse by deciding whether to confront your parents/abusers. From this decision and subsequent contact with your family, if any, you will gain a revised and deeper understanding of why you were abused. Having this new understanding and making it part of your life will allow you to let go of the abuse once and for all and proceed with developing new expressions of your individuality. Mere survival will not be enough for you you aspire to thrive. Move through this stage with optimism and anticipation. You are seven steps away from your new beginning.

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