Step Sixteen Self-Help
  1. In your journal, describe both the healthy parts of yourself that you want to acknowledge and strengthen over time and the less positive tendencies and behaviors that still plague your life today. Continue to focus your awareness on how these parts play themselves out in your life and what you can do to emphasize the positive ones while diminishing the negative ones.
  2. Are there people in real life or characters in novels, magazine profiles or movies who possess particular personality traits that resemble some emerging part of you? Write in your journal about the similarities or the qualities that you find so appealing.
  3. Gradually start to take on roles in your life that will allow you to use these newly developing healthy parts. Consider becoming a Co-Secretary at ASCA meetings or signing on for a special committee project at work. If you are a parent, become involved in your child(ren)'s school or extracurricular activities. These new roles will let you display your developing strengths and start to consolidate all of your recovery-related changes into an integrated whole the "new you" you present to the world.
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Survivor to Thriver, Page 109
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