Step Seventeen Self-Help
  1. What professional or interpersonal skills or knowledge do you still need to realize your life ambitions? How can you go about developing these tools? Does your company provide training or other programs to help you develop in these areas? Have you ever thought of returning to school to get the degree that you once felt was beyond you?
  2. There are many books on the market that provide an introduction to the kinds of skill-building that you may need. Read some of these books to gain background information on what the next step in educating yourself might be.
  3. Check with your local community college or university extension division for workshops and courses on the topics that you have targeted for yourself.
  4. Many work-oriented skills are transferable to your personal life. Make a list of the professional skills that you feel will also help you in your personal and family relationships.
  5. Consider taking a workshop or class that focuses on the personal/relationship skills you want to refine. In addition to community colleges and university extension divisions, many churches, community counseling centers and family service agencies offer these classes.
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Survivor to Thriver, Page 112
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