Step Seventeen Professional Help
  1. If you are still unclear about your career interests or goals, consider meeting with a career counselor, who may use vocational interest and personality tests to help you narrow down your career and job preferences. As they work through their recovery, many survivors shift jobs or careers to find a position that better suits their newly developed personalities.
  2. You can always discuss career options and ideas with your therapist. S/he will be able to help you identify and prioritize your interests and learn how to realize your objectives. Since values, interests and job preferences are intricately connected to your identity and personality (and these have been in flux up to now), it may have taken this long even to recognize your professional interests and aspirations.
  3. Use your therapist to help you identify and refine those professional skills that can transfer to your personal life and relationships.
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Survivor to Thriver, Page 113
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