Meetings are the backbone of the ASCA recovery program.

The most important thing to know about meetings is that safety is the highest priority. Meetings are very structured and conducted by two trained co-facilitators who follow a set script. Although every attendee is invited to share, no one is pressured to do so. Regardless, many often hear things they find helpful. We encourage you to give an ASCA meeting a try. If you have any questions, please visit about and feel free to contact us.

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    Our list of worldwide ASCA support group meetings.

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    We freely provide meeting materials online.

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    The calculator and timers may be used by timekeepers, co-facilitators, and participants in ASCA meetings.

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    Our published list of ASCA book groups, writing groups, virtual cafés, etc.

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    An overview presentation of how an ASCA meeting works.

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    Listen to this audio excerpt of a sample ASCA meeting.

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