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    The website of the late author and psychologist Alice Miller, who wrote and spoke about child abuse, childhood trauma, etc. She said:

    I don’t present any theories or speculations. My research has always been strictly empirical.
  • A Boy’s Story

    An insightful story, from abuse through recovery—beautifully illustrated. From the author:

    A Boy’s Story is my story of coping with incest and post-traumatic stress. By illustrating my story, I helped make sense of what happened to me.


  • Stop It Now!

    A non-profit organization that has introduced a groundbreaking public health approach to child sexual abuse prevention.

    Stop It Now! was founded by Fran Henry, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Survivorship

    A non-profit, volunteer-run site for survivors of ritualistic abuse.

    Survivorship is one of the oldest and most respected organizations supporting survivors of extreme child abuse.
  • National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

    NAASCA offers public education, talk radio, and many other services. They also maintain a list of state resources.

    We have a single purpose at NAASCA, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect.

    Help for Adult Victims Of Child Abuse:

    HAVOCA is run by survivors for adult survivors of child abuse. We provide support, friendship and advice for any adult whose life has been affected by childhood abuse.
  • Stop the Silence

    Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse Inc.

    We provide help and resources through comprehensive programming with awareness, education/outreach, training, and policy development and reform.
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

    Our mission is to raise the standard of care and improve access to services for traumatized children, their families, and communities throughout the United States.
  • Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

    Also maintains the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline, 800.656.HOPE (4673).

    RAINN is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.
  • Justice Research Institute

    Works in partnership with individuals, families, communities, and government to pursue the social justice inherent in opening doors to opportunity and independence.
  • The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

    ISSTD seeks to advance clinical, scientific, and societal understanding about the prevalence and consequences of chronic trauma and dissociation.
  • The Social Security and Disability Resource Center

    The goal of SSDRC is to provide information about how Social Security Disability and SSI work.

    Norwegian public awareness website where victims of sexual and domestic abuse can find help, information and ask anonymous questions. is a resource page with questions and answers about sexual abuse. The website is aimed at both victims and relatives.
  • SurvivorsUK

    This UK organization provides a national hotline and individual and group counseling:

    We relentlessly work to ensure every boy, man, and non-binary person in the UK has access to the support they need to navigate the impact of sexual violence and begin their journey of recovery.

Residential programs

  • Caron’s Breakthrough Program

    Offers program participants the chance to improve and modify long-standing relational and emotional patterns […] using evidence-based and experiential therapies.
  • The Meadows

    For more than 45 years, we’ve been helping people overcome addiction, heal unresolved emotional trauma, and develop the tools they need to transform their lives.

Finding a therapist

  • Searching for a Therapist

    A helpful resource guide (pdf) to assist ASCA members actively searching for a therapist, by Karen Mills.

    Learn about the different types of therapy approaches available. Note the ones that sound like a fit for you.
  • GoodTherapy

    Find a therapist, telehealth, and treatment centers.

    Because has high membership standards, our directory is one of the safest places to find a therapist online.
  • Psychology Today

    The website has a search feature to find therapists.

    There are several categories you can filter by to find mental health professionals with the experience you are looking for.



    Facilitates survivors sharing their stories and participating in ongoing discussions

    We offer support and resources at isurvive. Within our support forums, you will find both open and private areas where you can seek support.
  • Pandora’s Project

    A worldwide forum that is active 24/7 with moderators and guidelines.

    Pandora’s Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their friends and family.
  • MaleSurvivor

    Forums, support groups, and more.

    MaleSurvivor is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, public benefit organization committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism.

    Help for Adult Victims Of Child Abuse:

    Join our community today and meet other like minded survivors.


  • The Saprea Retreat

    This free, 4-day retreat for female sexual abuse survivors is highly recommended by some ASCA members.

    The Saprea Retreat is a clinically informed 4-day in-person experience followed by a self-guided online course.


  • Can I Trust My Memory?

    The introduction to a handbook for survivors with partial or no memories of childhood sexual abuse, by Joan Spear.

  • ASCA Blog

    Our archive of past blog posts—the Wordpress ASCA blog.

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