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Our published list of worldwide ASCA book groups, virtual cafés, writing groups, etc.

General info

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Book groups

1) Sundays, Monthly - 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Book Group (Eastern Time Zone)

Book Group


A Monthly Virtual Open Discussion Group on one particular Self-Help Book to assist Adult Survivors of Child Abuse to becoming Thrivers. The purpose of the Book Group is to research topics of all kinds that ASCA members are struggling with, such as dealing with emotions of anger or developing self-compassion. This will help members be informed on different subjects they are interested in but rarely have time to research themselves.

The first Book Title for Discussion will be voted on by the participants in attendance at the first meeting on May 21, 2023. In this first meeting, participants will look at approximately 12 books with summaries and choose which one will be utilized in the monthly discussions until the book is finished.

ASCA support group meeting guidelines will apply to the book club. Participants must have attended at least one ASCA support group meeting.

Date & time:

3rd Sunday each month from 5–6:30 p.m. EDT. If the 3rd Sunday falls on a special day, e.g., Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc., the meeting will then be held on the 4th Sunday. The first Book Group meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 21st, 2023.


Elea or Cathy at

Do participants need to go through ASCA meetings first?

Yes, participants are asked to have attended at least one ASCA Meeting before attending the Book Group Discussion.

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